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We are Zanety, a company focused on the development of people and companies. We are specialized in:


Vehicle driving workshops, courses and training: Preventive Driving (PDE - Efficient Driving Program) and Defensive Driving.


Lectures for SIPATs, in matters of vehicular handling.

Advice for fleet management areas.


Assistance for the elaboration of policies that aim to reduce vehicle accidents, fines and costs with preventive and corrective maintenance.


Cesar Urnhani

César Urnhani has been in the automotive industry for more than 30 years as a Test Pilot


  • Test pilot for Rede Globo's Auto Esporte Program .

  • Pilot of the CBN Motor Program of Rádio CBN .

  • Three times Brazilian Tourism Champion .

  • Gold Helmet in 2007.

  • Pilot invited to major events and actions to reduce traffic accidents.

  • Senior Instructor in Preventive and Defensive Driving.

  • It is the most remembered presence of the Auto Esporte program.


Roberto Costa

Master in Education, Administration and Communication. Graduated in Business Administration. Postgraduate in Politics and Strategy (USP). MBA in business management. Master Pratitioner in NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming. Instructor of Evasive Driving courses for BMW, Audi and Mitsubishi. Professor of courses at FIA - Fundação Instituto de Administração.

Technologist in Ostensive Police and Public Order Preservation. Specialist in Security Administration (Universidad Comillas de Madrid). He has courses at ESG - Escola Superior de Guerra. Security and Crisis Management Specialist (Israel). Police Intelligence Specialist (USA). Collaborates with several reports on urban violence in television stations, newspapers and magazines. Author of the books: “Crisis Management in Corporate Security and Kidnappings” (2008) and “Security is a Lifestyle” (2016).

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