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Technician responsible for signing your project: CÉSAR URNHANI


César Urnhani has been in the automotive industry for more than 25 years as a Test Pilot

Zanety Qual Auto Comprar Cesar Urnhani

Zanety has a team of professional pilots who can help you define your fleet, from Operational (4x2 and 4x4) to the Executive fleet (including armored vehicles). Your doubts will be technically mitigated.


You will be able to propose the incorporation of the best vehicles available on the market, for your specific needs.


Fleet Management departments are constantly faced with an extremely important task, which is to identify:

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  • The most economical vehicles

  • The lowest maintenance costs

  • The cheapest

  • The safest

  • Those that harm the environment less

  • Those with more affordable insurance

  • Those with the lowest depreciation and demobilization rates


The finalist vehicles will undergo a Static Assessment and a Dynamic Assessment.

You will receive a full report containing:


All criteria defined especially for your company.


Greater safety for drivers.


Best cost x benefit.


Lower emission of gases and pollutants (CO²).


Higher overall efficiency.


Best answer for economy and sustainability.


Active and passive safety technology.


Technological aptitude for each professional profile.


Preventive maintenance with lower costs.


Vehicles with better adaptation to armor and indication of armor to be applied (specific category).


Depreciation / demobilization.

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We offer training, lectures and workshops.

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