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Books published by our team


Cesar Urnhani | Grafo Estúdio 2019

We live in a digital age in which many people are giving their opinions on various subjects, however, most of the time, we get stuck in our heads, because the amount of contradictions or the way these subjects are explained tends to be much more ...

Crisis Management
in Business Security and Kidnappings

Roberto Zapotoczny Costa | Editora Moderna Moderna 2008

This book addresses issues of business crisis management as well as its application in cases of extortion through kidnapping. To purchase:

Safety is Lifestyle

Security is a lifestyle - Bilingual / Edition –Portuguese / English

Diógenes Lucca and Roberto Costa | Magu Comunicação 2016

This book addresses issues of urban violence and offers valuable prevention tips. The text is in Portuguese and English. To purchase, search in the main bookstores or contact us by e-mail: . Cost R$ 50.00 + shipping.

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